Getting Acquainted with Criminal Offenses

Today, no one is safe. Crimes and any all types disturbances abound in all corners of the world. What is sad about this is that a lot of people are unaware that they have been victims of crimes since there is a lack of dissemination of information about them. Being educated about crimes is an integral part of safety. There might be a long list of different kinds of crimes, but generally, they can be grouped as offenses. Four of them are the following: offenses against the person, against the property, offenses that are incomplete, and offenses against federal statutes. Let us take a closer look in each one of them so we would know what to do when involved in such events.

Offenses Made Against a Person

The crime made against a person or termed as “personal crimes” include a wide array of different kinds of offenses. This can consist of physical assault or assaults resulting in bodily harm, rape or sexual assaults or abuses, homicide, physical abuses, kidnapping, and robbery. Each of the offenses mentioned also branch out into more specific details depending on the type of harm done and the degree of damage incurred. Depending on the state or the country you are living, the punishment for these crimes differs based on the constitution of the state. Some felony crimes such as those mentioned, punishment range from years in prison into life or death sentences.

Offenses Made Against a Property

This kind of crimes may or may not be directly affecting people, but it is more affecting the properties owned by the victim. These may range from robbery, burglary, larceny or theft, forgery, arson and the like. This may not only include the damages done to the property but also the violation of rights of the owner for them to be able to use the properties appropriately. More than just losing privileges as a citizen, because you will be confined in a jail, you might also face expensive fines for the trouble made, and if it was severe, those crimes could put you locked up in prison for many years. And worse, for life-threatening cases, you could end up in high-security jail with little chance of being freed.

Offenses That are Incomplete

They are termed as inchoate crimes or crimes that were started by the offenders but were not completed or finished. This might be when the offender was preparing to commit the crime or about to proceed to another crime but did not push through. It also includes being an accessory to the crime or indirect participation to a crime committed. Any crime attempted, or conspiracies, fall under this category. Since it is an incomplete crime, the punishment is not as severe as that of felony punishments. However, they are considered to be serious crimes.

Offenses Against Federal Statutes

As the name suggests, these crimes are due to violating the laws and policies imposed by the state. Any actions done contrary to the laws such as drunk driving, federal hate crimes, tax evasion and many more. The penalties would depend greatly on what kind of federal crimes you have committed and could be as worse as imposing capital punishments to the most serious ones.

“The law excuses no one” as the famous saying goes. So, make sure that we are not ignorant as to what actions merit penalties and punishment against the law. However, if we always have goodwill to everyone, we can still make the world a better place, and we can save ourselves some trouble.