The Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City

We all take New York for what it has been known since the beginning of all good things—the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the city where dreams are made of. New York City is “the” dream for most people. It’s an art, food, business and career haven, all wrapped up in yellow cabs and enormous skyscrapers. However, it’s not all sunshine and gold even in New York. As we explore its dark and gloomy avenues, Business Insider names the Top 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City for 2019.

Midtown. Located at the heart of Manhattan, Midtown is home to only 74,000 people. But the huge volume of tourists, support workers and general wanderers on its streets make if the most trafficked area in the city. Out of the 69 towns in the city, it ranked last in overall safety. This was supported by the fact that 729 crimes have been committed per 10,000 people. There has also been a 146% increase in rape cases from the previous year, and a 14% rise in felony causes. It’s hard not to be a victim of crime around this town.

Greenwich Village & Meatpacking District. Among its commercial streets and alleys teeming with wealthy residents, college students and tourists, Village and Meatpacking is a hub for thieves. As on of the sought-after neighborhoods in NYC, crimes in property, grand larceny and overall crime are rampant. Though there has been a decrease in overall crimes in the area, car theft and rape have risen, and are crimes to watch out for in this town.

Hunts Point. Notorious as the prostitution den in the city, recent initiatives and funds were helpful in cutting back murders, carjacking, burglaries and rape cases. However, to date, there are 135 violent crimes committed per 100,000 residents enough to put this neighborhood as the most dangerous. There has also been an alarming 67% increase in rape, 26% increase in sex crimes and 26% increase in robberies.

Brownsville. This town is home to popular celebrity figures like Larry King and Mike Tyson. This does not euphemize the fact that it has been dubbed as the murder capital of New York City. Its streets are a stage to the most incidents of murders and shootings per capita. Though the prevalence of crime in the neighborhood has dropped in recent years, it doesn’t keep it from ranking 66th in the least safe neighborhoods list.

Flatiron. Violent crimes are low in this part of town. Yet, property crime ranks 67th out of 69 in Flatiron. This sought-after neighborhood has been home to 1,481 incidents of grand larceny, or 158 out of 100,000 residents. Robbery and murder crimes have also increased since 2010, with 1 killing to 3.

Contrary to what one might expect, crime rate has been high in these neighborhoods among the five boroughs on New York City. So if you’re one lost soul, or a gate crasher in the streets of New York, nowhere is safe. But, better watch out for these big neighborhood names. Or you might be the next victim.